How I healed my acne

I have a love hate relationship with my skin. Some days it’s pretty great while the rest days it sucks. I used to struggle with acne. As soon as an acne would heal, another would pop up.

I have been to a few dermatologists. And they all came to one conclusion its teenage acne and will heal. They would prescribe a mild acne cream and tell me to wash my face twice a day and drink 8 glasses of water. Like I haven’t thought of that. The creams slowed my pimples popping on skin but didn’t stop it.I eventually figured a routine that made my skin better.

The first and most important step is washing your face. But don’t over wash it. Over washing actually makes your skin produce more oil and thus clogged pores. Say you came back home from outside at around 5pm and washed your face with face wash and applied moisturiser but no makeup. I won’t suggest washing your face with face wash again before sleeping if u haven’t did something that made you sweaty. Just wash it with plain water. Water moisturises your skin. And post that you can do your whole face routine.

My favourite face wash is BIODERMA SEBIUM FOAMING FACEWASH. When I first used it, it didn’t show any difference.


6 thoughts on “How I healed my acne

  1. I struggled with acne for the longest time and the dermatologists always said that same thing. I tried out Arbonne and it saved my skin, idk if you’ve tried it but if not I think you should even if your acne it healed. It makes your complexion more even and your skin brighter. If you want to know more feel free to comment back!


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