Learning to bake

I am a girl who can’t cook. I never had the time, patience or willingness to learn to cook. But since I am old enough and the only thing I can cook is ramen and tea, I decided its time to learn to cook since I can’t live on boxed foods. And eating food from outside and boxed foods took a toll on me.

So I decided to learn to cook and my mom taught me some basic stuff to fill my tummy. But I got bored. And decided to learn how to bake. Once a week I am gonna bake something thats well edible and tastes good.

Each recipe is gonna be taken from youtube but I will mix it up a bit in accordance to my taste and well on what I have at home. I am gonna describe my experience and what problems I faced while baking.

Tomorrow I am gonna make my first batch of meringues. I thought I would start small. Fingers crossed



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